About Luna's Fitness


Luna's Fitness is an ever-evolving studio of fresh ideas and sense of community that keeps fitness fun and motivating!  It is important to be well-rounded in our fitness and wellness. Our instructors are highly certified and offer safe and inspirational classes for all levels.  

Group Fitness:
Our fitness facility specializes in Pilates and Yoga.

Dryland Training:
Luna's Fitness offers a Pilates for Dancers class and an Advanced Pilates for Dancers class for Creative Roots Performing Arts Studio, as well as a Yin for Gymnasts class for Smithers Saltos Gymnastics Club

Instructor Training Courses:
Instructor training courses and workshops are offered, such as Canadian Fitness Education Services (CFES) Fitness Theory and Group Fitness Modules.  We offer specialized workshops for all levels in pilates, spin, yoga, TRX, and much more...

Lole Community Events:
Lara is a Lole Ambassador, and offers various free or fundraising community events each year.  Spreading the Lole love, Live Out Loud Everyday.  These events are sponsored by Lole and Local Supply Company.





Chrissy Chapman

"A great place if you have any sort of injury, super comfortable atmosphere and so willing to help and give advice. All the different instructor's and different techniques make for always changing routines. Very affordable, and can't say enough how they make this a family feel and not feel awkward. Such a 5 star place to have in a small town."


Kate Trampuh

"I love how at the end of a class we all sigh and realize just how awesome we feel after the hour of hardwork!! My fav, Pilates but TRX is a close second."


Antonella Scott

"I have been a member at Luna’s Fitness for quite some time.  The classes are diverse, well-scheduled, and fun.  The instructors are experienced, professional, and really help motivate you.  Everyone is friendly and always will to help.  I’ve learned to enjoy exercising and it has become part of my daily life."